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★★★★ “Absorbing period drama. Wilson builds an intensely thoughtful space to contemplate mental health.” - THE GUARDIAN ★★★★ “One of the best Australian films I’ve seen in a long, long time.” - SUBCULTURE ★★★★ “Delicate and heartfelt.” – JIM SCHEMBRI ★★★★ “A moving an elegantly made Australian film exploring the universality of our need for human connection in times of hardship.” – POPCORN PODCAST ★★★★ “Silvia Colloca is magnetic.” – AEU NEWS​ ★★★★ “A really beautiful, poetic film.” – STEPHEN A RUSSELL, JOY FM  ★★★★ “Searing pain from the past cuts deep into the present.” - SCREENHUB “Quietly affecting.”– DAVID STRATTON, WEEKEND AUSTRALIAN “Will break your heart in the best way.” – ACCESS REEL “Compelling and subtle.” – THOMAS CALDWELL, ABC RADIO “A fabulous film. A film that pushes a lot of buttons.” – RICHARD WILKINS, WEEKEND TODAY “An emotionally soaring story co-written by Christos Tsiolkas about dislocation and the migrant experience. This is an intimate and aching story of the ties that bind us to a difficult past.”  – SBS MOVIES “I love this depiction of a small town swept up in change.” – LARISSA BEHRENDT, ABC SCREEN SHOW “Director Aaron Wilson has crafted a sensitive story about love, love and yearning. Little Tornadoes is a fine Australian film that unfolds with conviction. It should be seen.” – THE BLURB “Has a tremendous power that creeps up on the viewer. Little Tornadoes is a deeply personal film with a strong emotional pull.” – PETER GALVIN, FILMINK ​ “In its portrayal of two women who choose to vanish from a town, Little Tornadoes offers a subtle inversion of the colonial myth of the bush as treacherous labyrinth and the town as sanctuary.” – ANNIKA MORLING, METRO MAGAZINE “Engaging, fully dimensional characters exploring significant social issues.” – NME


★★★★ “Wilson’s small-scale first feature conveys volumes about war and humanity.” – NEW YORK TIMES ★★★★ “Wilson creates a remarkably immersive experience. In Wilson, we are introduced to a fearless filmmaker.” – LOS ANGELES TIMES ★★★★ “Rich, complex and terrifying.” – VARIETY ★★★★1/2 “A truly haunting war film. Wilsonʼs impressive debut forgoes the usual theatrics of war and delivers a deeply stirring exploration of its quiet horrors.” – FILMINK “A riveting adventure story. A unique cinematic experience.” – INDIEWIRE “Gorgeous, almost unearthly cinematography.” – THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER “Authentic suspense and a powerful conclusion.” – SCREEN INTERNATIONAL “A remarkable debut.” – BBC ONLINE “Hypnotic, intense and totally unique.” – VOLKSKRANT “Aaron Wilson’s feature debut is an intense and haunting experience that, due to its absence of dialogue, Alfred Hitchcock might have called ‘pure cinema’.” – RIP IT UP MAG “Terrence Malick would applaud Wilson’s patience and eye for detail in rendering miles of greenery into a character of its own.” (A-) – THE FILM STAGE “For a debut feature, this is impressive stuff.” – THE NATIONAL, ABU DHABI  “It takes a lot of confidence and ambition to have a film like Canopy as your directorial feature debut. The visual style that Wilson employs is both beautiful and meditative.” – CINEMA AXIS “This debut feature from Australian Aaron Wilson lays claims to an epic grandeur.”  – FILM COMMENT “Wilson’s film, which he also wrote, is an audacious and brave first feature. It’s an impressive film, one that will likely signal the beginning of a promising career for the highly talented Wilson.” – 20/20 FILMSIGHT “Expressionistic storytelling whose unconventional dramatic beats inject fresh blood in the tired genre. An incredible achievement, and one that puts Wilson among the most promising debut directors of recent times.” – MOVIE MEZZANINE “Wilson’s film demonstrates extensive use of cinematic language to create a journey for survival in a variety of tense and thrilling moments.” – SRITA ISRAEL “The opposite of overreaching, the approach is refreshingly single-minded and a showcase for the director’s craft.” – CINEMA SCOPE “As far as Australian films go, this is one of those films that you know, where I was aware even halfway through, that this is a director you want to see his next film.”  – PHILMOLOGY (ABC 774 FILM REVIEWS) “Wilson is to be commended for taking a unique approach to the medium, which marks him out as a talent to watch in the future.” – THE LOWDOWNUNDER “Writer/director Aaron Wilson has done many genuinely impressive things here with his largely wordless film.” – 3AW REVIEWS  “Wilson’s approach cleaves closer to the work of Apichatpong Weerasethakul and Tsai Ming-liang, probing deeper and deeper into a single focal point until the periphery of the frame goes dark, and everything beyond it is forgotten.” – THE DISSOLVE


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